Pothos Media has talented management, staff, and consultants some of whom have been in the adult (porn) industry for over 15 years.  We are based in South Florida, and we provide services ranging from website startup, affiliate services for websites in need of marketing help, talent services, and general consultation.  As owners of various porn paysites, we know how difficult it is today to provide a quality product without losing your shirt.  We also have lots of contacts throughout the industry.

For Models or Potential Models

sara2If you are located in South Florida or anywhere nearby, such as Ft Myers, Tampa, or Orlando, we are right around the corner.  If you’d like to learn about what is like to be a female model or male model, and how the porn biz works, we’d be happy to talk to you.  We can help get your photo portfolio started, get you in touch with studios, and provide reliable agents for you to maximize your earning potential in the industry.  Some of our staff have worked with top, award winning models, and we love to see young men and women succeed.

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For Amateurs Who Want to Make Their Own Porn

Make Your Own Amateur Porn